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Your course instructor: the experienced naturopath Gabi Schoerk!

I have been working as a naturopath in Heilbronn, Göttingen and Munich for 24 years. Due to Corona, Zoom anamneses have also become more and more established in my everyday practice. For 10 years I trained homeopaths at the Paracelsus alternative practitioner schools and for 20 years I gave homeopathy courses for many people. Because it has always been important to me that as many people interested in health as possible learn about this healing treatment method and can use it, Kiki & Christian from the Glücksknirpsen and I launched the first homeopathy online self-help course in 2017. The homeopathy heart project UNITED TO HEAL was then created in 2019 – together with Doris & Mathias Berner.

I was able to experience for myself just how powerful homeopathy is. I had a very severe neurodermatitis from birth and nobody could help me for over 20 years. In 1990, my whole family started homeopathic treatment. We were able to experience deep and lasting healing individually and as a whole family – after 20 years of suffering and cortisone dependency, even though conventional medicine considers neurodermatitis to be incurable. All this was possible because my mother never gave up believing in our healing, for which I am deeply grateful to her!

After these experiences, my mother and I decided to train as alternative practitioners ourselves. In my 24 years of practical experience with over 15,000 case histories, I have experienced countless other miracles and healings. What a gift!

I sincerely wish you impressive and healing experiences with homeopathy that will benefit your personal and family well-being, so that you can lead a healthy and powerful life despite all the challenges of this time.

Sincerely, Gabi